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February is the love issue. We don't know why February has been designated the love issue, but we think it is because it is the shortest month. It's a guy thing - a day or two less than usual to have the chicks go around starry eyed exclaiming "weynEEEE siyammmmrrrrr" is a huge blessing. You see, it is not just the object of affection that is pursued so. No! No! No! Everything suddenly acquires aesthetic sensibilities. The medosha: "weyneee siyammmmrrr!!!" yadere genfo: "weyneee siTafT!!!" yemiCHeQaCHeQu bal inna mist: "weyneee desss sillluuuu!!!" inTaT inTaT iyale menged yemiyaquwarT gurT: "weyyynneeee siyasTela!!!!"

But, let me not digress. Dear readers, we invite you to tell us everything that the word love brings to mind. Does it exist? Was Mahmoud right, has no-one ever seen "fQir sihEd ba'kal?" To what lengths have you gone to satisfy your urge to "love" and "be loved"? Is love yeweTat gudai, or do those who have matured a bit more have something, or anything to say about it? What do all you twenty-something and thirty-something wende- and sEte- laTEwoc have to see to finally decide to settle (with?/for?/on?) a mate and start exhausting all the kristina names? Does a "soul-mate" exist, or is he/she the figment of romance novelists' imagination? Which one is better - a satisfying club sandwich, or a warm body next to you? (OK, that last one was a joke - sorta... )

Wrap your stories in great prose. Line them up in exquisite verse. We don't care. Just as long as you share them with us.


February: The Love Issue is Back


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