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When those deemed to serve and protect victimize one of us with impunity, we refuse.

Cobb County police officers shot Surafel five times, four in the chest, and one through the head. When we are expected to believe that reasonable doubt earns a man murder … that a four-by-four piece of wood poses a serious threat to two well-trained, well-armed police officers … that “administrative leave” is appropriate disciplinary action for manslaughter and terrorizing … we refuse.

Poet. Lyricist. Engineer. Musician. Visionary. Pan-African Optimist. Son. Brother. To the close family and friends of Surafel, the grief is individual; our loss, communal.

We would commit a devastating injustice to the life and dignity of Surafel if we let his death go by slighted.

“Suffering. There is too much suffering going on in this world. People suffer for all kinds of reasons. Some of it just don't make no sense. There's enough for everybody under the sky and all the suffering is caused by greed.”
– Surafel Assaminew


That is the website. Click; sign the petition so hopefully, someday, justice is not just a pigment of someone’s imagination.

Surafel Assaminew
May you rest in peace.
Your friends at SELEDA

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