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Editors' Note: SELEDA turns 2.

My Story: Lij indEt yimotal?

Life Diaries: The debate continues as AlemE and Mandefro refuse to give the microphone back. Ere leQQQQu!

Headliners: No, we don't claim this is exclusive, exhaustive or even barely relevant. It just so happened that we had a couple of uncharacteristically deep conversations, and the next thing we knew, a few of our favorite heroes and mavericks just popped up. Take a gander...

Profile: Gabriele Tesemma Tesfa, a Renaissance Ethiopian in every sense of the word

Chilot: Gragn...Man of the Millennium? Two thoughtful felasfa-biTE's debate

Our Angel: The most gracious of persons is the one who gives without fanfare or anticipated return...

Maverick: Transcend earthly "nevers" and let your Muse sing...

Mekasha's Mother: Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes where you least expect them...

Work Log: Geek Heaven in La-La Land

Epitaph for a Hero: Imagery meets lyricism in a frustrated search for the right hero ...

Not-so-Thirty Questions on UNICODE: Ever lusted for the day when you can send "qnE" in majestic Ethiopic fidel from your Palm Pilot to the beeper precariously balanced on the hip of your muse? Not quite yet, but tantalizingly close....

SELEDA Berenda: Aida Muluneh paints her heroes and mavericks in black and white.

Top Ten: Top ten early signs that you're destined for a hall of shame.

Backpage : Dr. Raselas takes on the challenging issue of separating the heroes from the geleba...in his own special way

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