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Top ten early signs that you're destined for a hall of shame.

10. At 9, you flunked Qess timirt-bet twice.

9. Your best memories of childhood involve playing war with ye koba Temenja, giggling uncontrollably while lynching stray puppies, and performing Qeddo Tiggena on live frogs.

8. At 15, you bartered your birr ambar for a worQ ambar.

7. You logged in so many hours at Cinema Ethiopia that you have to stop to think why the writing on the the TiQur seleda doesn't scroll up.

6. You took a swig from the areQE bottle every time you detoured past the komedino, on an errand.

5. At 8, you thought the best part of church service was the communion wine.

4. While in highschool, you raided the elementary school lunch gangs; while at AAU, you had freshmen wash your Qorfadda socks.

3. You ever handled a gun that was taller than you.

2. You were born and raised in Arsi, and yet never ran the two miles to school. Chose the garee instead.

1. At 13, your idea of cultivating a taste for sidd-nibab involved smuggled porn magzines secretly passed around in class.

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