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As I see you…
lying there…

the same bones which grew strong on beating me
now weak
the same eyes which made me hate and fear you
now half-closed and blood red
the same hands that once tied me to your chair
now shaking to the funky beat of Alzheimer’s
the same legs which kicked me into the dirt of our
now frozen and callused…

as I see you try to apologize for years and years
years of neglect

  as the words choke you
     as your tears scorch you
         as the pain tears you
              as the bridge you broke comes tumbling down
on you

i am supposed to take care of you, right?

even as you lay dying in front of me, you win.
i am the same boy who just wanted your respect
sometimes your love

sometimes your "aleh lije"…

i found love in your wrath.
i sought peace in your contempt.
i added love to your screams.
i survived because i loved you.

but this blood… it is thicker than water. So here i
but this time, you can’t hurt me.
i know this because i came to take care of you,
but even when you are dying, you have a lot of power

on the living.
on me.

this blood. it still gives me comfort.

Los Angeles
April 2002

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