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This month, SELEDA presents a patchwork of organizations armed with the force of hope, assistance and awareness in the fight against AIDS.

Name of Organization


How you can help

50 Lemons

50 Lemons is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious HIV/AIDS relief organization founded by Africans with the goal to make a difference in the HIV/AIDS infected African community both in the continent and also in the Diaspora. Their mission is to understand the extent of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and promote public awareness of the problem. It has already conducted a Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior Study targeting high school students in the regions of Addis Abeba, Jimma, Baher Dar, Awassa, Dire Dawa and Dessie in addition to HIV/AIDS prevention education for over 1000 high school students in Ethiopia. Their current project is to facilitate a sponsorship network for AIDS orphans in Ethiopia.


You can learn more about 50 Lemons, make donations or sponsor a child by by referring to the given links. For more information on how you can assist their efforts, please contact them at:

or mail: 50 Lemons

2117 L Street NW, #215
Washington, DC 20037

African AIDS Initiative

Founded by Elleni Gebreamlak West together with Dr. Seyoum Ayehunie, the doctor who diagnosed the first case of AIDS in Ethiopia in 1985. This organization was the outcome of the First International Conference on AIDS in Ethiopia, organized by Mrs Elleni West. It is an international non-profit organization dedicated to HIV/AIDS awareness in Africa, and provides services in AIDS prevention, education, outreach, teaching, and counseling. After a year of tireless work, Mrs. Elleni West has managed to convince the Ethiopian government of the urgency of the problem and the immediate need for action. She has also been able to convince the Ethiopian Orthodox Church of the need for their involvement in educating the people about prevention. She organized an AIDS rally in Addis Ababa attended by 35,000 people. The organization plans to build a Center in Addis Ababa to encourage awareness education and research on AIDS in Africa. The organization is associated with the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for Afro-American Studies at Harvard University.

You can help by joining the organization as a member and/or donating money for their work in Ethiopia. For more information contact:

or call: (617)496-5998

or write to:
African AIDS Initiative
W.E.B Du Bois Institute for

Afro-American Studies
Harvard University
69 Dunster St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Yezelalem Minch Children’s Home

Yezelalem Minch Children’s Home is a new, non-profit organization launched in Addis Abeba in the aim of providing more than a source of refuge for the 700,000 AIDS orphans in Ethiopia. Affiliated with HIM (Help International Ministries) and directed by a Board of Christian Ethiopian Professionals, the founders of Yezelalem Minch believe in the significance of building small, clinically and spiritually nurturing environments for such children. Their goal is to establish small, family-oriented homes of up to 7 children. Their broader ambition is to become the core of an internationally involved AIDS orphan adoption network, and branch out to individual families and humanitarians in the global village.

You can join Yezelalem Minch by contacting them at

Or mail at:

Yezelalem Minch Children's Home
PO BOX 70822
Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Hope For Children - Ethiopia

Testimony to the truth that a solo voice can resonate volumes in the Diasporic community, Hope for Children (HFC) is a local organization dedicated to serving orphans and caregivers in the community. Sara Jewett’s HFC-Ethiopia projects provide a new and necessary bridge between those of us far yet still fortunate enough to make a contribution to the cause. HFC is an organization that renders service and provisions to families and children affected by HIV/AIDS. HFC also serves as a reference center for those seeking to sponsor HIV/AIDS orphans either through an institution or otherwise. Sara Jewett completed Duke University's Hart Fellow program in August 2001 and is currently working in Ethiopia.

On behalf of HFC, Sara Jewitt appreciates personal donations to fund her projects in Ethiopia.

Memorial Baptist Church wires 100% of your financial contributions to a bank account in Ethiopia that is designated to support Sara Jewitt’s work with HFC. Simply send a tax-deductible check made out to "Memorial Baptist Church" indicating "Ethiopia Project" to the following address:


Sara Jewett-Ethiopia Project
PO Box 421
E. Middlebury, VT 05740

You will also be added to an HFC email list through which you will receive regular updates of how your contribution is making a difference in people’s lives.

Sara Jewitt can also be reached through email:


Mekdim HIV+ Persons and AIDS Orphans National Association

Launched in December 1997 by a visionary body of HIV infected patients and orphans, Mekdim emphasizes preventive action through public education and provision of support to HIV/AIDS patients through counseling and facilitating their access to healthcare. Among Mekdim’s accomplishments includes the implementation of more than 50 awareness-raising programs. Mekdim is also a member of the Technical Working Group of UNAIDS and a Board Member of Kelel 14 Administration Office's Office on HIV/AIDS. Their work has inspired a collaborative effort amongst local institutions with common missions.


To inquire on how you can support Mekdim:

mail: Mekdim HIV+ Persons and AIDS

Orphans National Association
Mr. Mengistu Zemene

PO Box 31218

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

or call: 251 1 560380 / 115171 / 559960

or fax: 251 1 552950

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