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i drown
in your eyes
try to resurface
and wish i could rescue you
from the tragedy
(awaiting you with a gaping jagged jaw)
cinemascoping in my troubled mindís eye
you live
hanging by yesherereet dir
barely treading water
through a life
left to you like a wounded legacy
to mark
(with your heartbreaking, glistening, saucer eyes) on the trail of your ghostly breath
your mother couldnít hang on long enough
your father
(a foreign stranger, with his foreign touch, foreign money, foreign heart)
didnít hang around at all
when you pass, your caretaker may mourn you
dry sobs leaking through her dry, worn eyes
you are not a rarity
i see you, even when i close my eyes
in dreams
(dreams, like roots, can take and grow and become) of a world where
you donít have to live

only to die
and i donít come to know you
in a black and white celluloid print
(gazing at the future with a soothsayers intensity)
prophesizing what is to come
before what will be
i live
to dream you again
playing with a childís energy
on green fields under mountains with trees
where you live long enough
to bury me
with love.


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