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There are some Life Diarists who take your breath away… and then there are some diarists who just snuff the very life outta ya and meCHefer on what is left of your carcass until you deliriously maqaset the way your grandmother used to when describing the aftermath of a "draft" that hit her after finding its way shulllllllllk blo through the sealed window and somehow landing on her t’kesha …. “Ehhhh…. Weine… motulish innatiyE…. MammiyE… motkulish…”


We knew we were up for the thrill of a little lives when we finally got Lijit Heran and Debtera Fasil to agree to be the Ethiopia Issue Diarists. What we did not expect was to be washed away in the perpetual gorff of their wordsmithery. By the end of Entry #3, all we could do was exhale deeply and come to terms with the irrefutable fact that neither the Life Diary feature nor us will ever be the same again!

With that, we bid you happy reading.

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