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Menelik Yimoot!
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Note from the Editors:
We don't do many things well... but we do one thing right... tooting our own horn until it is no longer a horn...

My Story:
Reconciliation...the moment you say, 'I am an Ethiopian!' and the wounds finally start to heal...

The Mail:
Yes, the Mail Editor is back! Which, we gotta tell you... not good news... Some of what you had to say about what we had to say...

Life Diaries:
Between madness and CHerq meTal there is... Life Diaries. THE Life Diaries....

My Ethiopia:
A few SELEDA Editors answer, "What is my Ethiopia?"

Menelik Yimoot!:
Contemplating Ethiopia from the Italian capial.

There are some wants that are wants. But there are some wants that are needs...

SELEDA Berenda:
Ethiopian artists paint the color of their Ethiopia.

Where am I from, you ask? Do you want to know what my passport says, or what my heart screams?...

Ai Injera:
Of Injera, QelemiyE and ItyoPiawinet. May they all live forever...

My Ethiopian-ness:
So... why aren't you going back?

Stand Alone:
There are some nafqots no one understands. Except the tenafaqii...

Where're You From?:
In vingnettes... They ask, you answer, they comment, you just nod...

I Come From ...:
My land in prose...

The Re-Exodus:
This time, the revolution is quiet... Introducing, the Re-Exodus: Random thoughts on finally moving back home...

Sophie's Voice :
ItyoPyayE Mannesh?

Mezgebe Qalat:
Ok... keep your l'il thoughts up there. What does the dishkinerri say what Ethiopia is?

Sherereet Dir:
Even though we are hanging by the finest spun thread, we realize... 'This thread... it's strong...'...

Top Ten:
Top Ten Things Not to Say When You are about to be re-sworn in as a “new” Ethiopian citizen

SELEDA Salutes:
Things we like, people we admire, and places we want to be. Now, the trick is... do they like us? Ahhh... we like them anyway...

Ethiopia: The Musical.

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