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It’s a good thing that God did not give us the power to move people in that special way only artists can, ‘coz we would have used our powers for evil.

This column started as a small tribute to Ethiopian artists whose words and canvasses have that intoxicating power to conjure up memories and feelings no economic chart pie or political manifesto could ever illicit.

We wanted to try something new for our anniversary issue and ask our favorite artists one question… “What is Ethiopia to you?” They painted their answers. This was an exciting venture for us, and we are yet again humbled by the support of these these artists who donated these original pieces of art to answer our question.

Special thanks goes to Ato Esseye Medhn from Debre Haiq Ethiopian Art Page for his priceless advice and for helping us dream a little bigger. Art, we have learnt from him, will change the world, and what little step forward we have taken in truly celebrating our artists is because of him. Ij nestenal, Gashe Esseye.

This is their Ethiopia…

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