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Adamu: Ethiopian neo-classical painter popularly known as the "Master of Gonder."

Abegasu Kibrework Shiota: Musician, Arranger, Music Producer. Photo by Aida Muluneh.

Azeb Wolde-Giorghis: Television journalist, pioneer and all around cool person. Reports from Sierra Leone 1, 2 and 3. Short bio.

BERTA Construction Company's: Ato Berhane Abate and Ato Tadesse Haile Selassie, construction magnates.

W/ Assegedech Assefa: First Ethiopian female pilot.

Ato Baye Yimam: Linguist, grammarian, Amharic language and script reformer and modernizer; author of Ye AmariNa Sewasew; Director of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies

Dr. Brook Lakew: NASA physicist, one of the founders, and main motivating force behind, the Ethiopian Scientific Society (ESS).

Dawit Lessanu: Producer, web genius and illustrator.

W/ Desta Gebre Woldeyes: Dancer extraordinaire. Instructor. About her (image and story from Addis Tribune, 5-12-97).

W/ Elleni Gebreamlak West: AIDS activist, organizer of the first AIDS conference in Ethiopia.

Ato Essaye Gebre-Medhin: cyber art curator of Debre HayQ Gallery, artist, art historian, and educator.

Ethiopian Woman Lawyers Association (EWLA): activists for and defenders of women's rights in the Ethiopian court system, and elsewhere.

Getinet Bantayehu of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia, and Adam Belachew of Bronx High School of Science, in New York, for grabbing much coveted spots as semifinalists in the 60th Annual Science Talent Search competition -- the most prestigious science competition in the US.

Sister Jember Teferra: indigent rights and welfare activist, hands-on administrator.

Leelai Demoz: Actor & Film Producer, Nominee, Academy Award, 2001 for his short documentary On Tip Toe. Featured on SELEDA exactly a year ago.

Dr. Lemma W. Senbet: William E. Mayer Chaired Professor of Finance and Chair of Finance Department at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland. Additional bio...

Lemn Sisay: Dub poet and playwright. His collection of poems include Rebel Without Applause and Tender Fingers in a Clenched Fist. His records include Blackvibe (1989) and Lemn Live and Unleashed (1990).

Dr. Nega Mezlekia: A maverick author of Notes from the Hyena's Belly.

Nemo Semret: Hotshot academic-turned-entrepreneur takes on the dot-com world with panache. He and his colleagues are the brains behind invisible hand.

Science & Technology Terms Translation Project (STTTP): Participants and contributors including the project director, Ato Assefa Gebre-Mariam Tessema. The results of their work was later compiled and issued in a bound volume entitled Ye Ityopia QwanQwawoch Academy Ye Science ena Ye Technology Mezgebe Qalat.

Ato Sebhatu Gebre-Yesus: Horticulturalist, landscaper who includes among his numerous works the Hilton Hotel, Africa Hall, and OAU; Sheraton Addis is the most recent. Founder and owner of Ethiopia's first private art gallery.

Seleshe Damessae: Krar virtuoso, crooner extraordinaire, guiding spirit of the Gashe Aberra Mola movement (cleaning up and beautifying Addis Abeba and creating employment for street kids).

Ato Shifferaw Bekele: reQiQ historian and university professor.

Sofia Kifle: Painter, writer, jazz aficionado.

Dr. Sossina Haile: Winner of the Coble Award, Assistant Professor of Materials Science, California Institute of Technology, aka Caltech.

Ato Tesfaye Gessesse: Stage director, actor, playwright, poet and educator.

U-20 Soccer Team: Under-20 soccer team preparing for their semi-final bid for the Africa Cup.

Yonas Fisseha: Young, bright computer engineer cum hacker.

Abadir Umar Ar-Rida (13th century): Most celebrated saint of Harer.

Abraham Petrovich Hannibal: Mathematician, engineer, Russian army general, protégé of Peter the Great, mathematics tutor of Tsar Peter II, maternal grandfather of Russia's most eminent poet, Alexander Sergevitch Pushkin.

Ato Bekele Molla: Hotelier mogul.

Chaltu/Dinkenesh/Lucy: Primordial ancestor.

Dejazmach Kassa Wolde-Mariam: First Ethiopian President of Haile Selassie I University [now Addis Abeba University], administrator.

AleQa Kidane-Wold Kifle: Lexicographer, grammarian, author of MeTsehafe Sewasew Wegis Wemezgebe Qalat Haddis.

Literacy Campaign (Meserete Tmhirt).

Blatengetta Lorenzo Taezaz: Press officer during the outbreak of the Italo-Ethiopian War, diplomat.

W/ Lule Tesfaye: Ethiopian women's welfare activist.

Malik Ambaer: 16th & 17th century Ethiopian Regent-Minister in India.

Ato Mamo Kacha: Bus transportation tycoon.

W/Mary Armide: Frolicsome singer and dance maestro. Instructed two generations that came of age after the Italian War and before the Revolution how to salsa, tango, waltz, rumba, cha-cha, and in her final years, do the twist.

Blatengetta Mehateme-Selassie Wolde-Meskel: Sociologist, anthropologist, historian, author of Zikre Neger, Ye Hager Qrs and Che Belaw.

Memnon: Warrior, King of Ethiopia. Are we kdding ... or are we kidding?

Ato Mengistu Lemma: Poet, playwright, critic, and author of Yalacha Gabicha, Telfo Bekeese, MeTsehafe Tezeta ZeAleQa Lemma Hailu, for which he is shown here, interviewing his father, AleQa Lemma (photo by Hayelom).

Meskel-Kibra: Said to have built the Abba Libanos church, wife of Emperor Lalibela. Her story, Gedle MesQel-Kibra, remains unpublished.

W/ Romanworq Kassahun: First Ethiopian female journalist, author of Yehiwot GwadeNa.

Sawel: 13th century architect at Lalibela.

Abba Selwanos: Ethiopia's own Dr. Dolittle. Thirteenth century priest said to have understood the language of birds and beasts.

W/ Shoareged Gedle: Acclaimed Resistance leader during the Italian Occupation.

Negadrass Tessema Eshete: Renowned wit; sculptor; first Ethiopian to drive an automobile. Shown here with his prize-winning 5.3 kilo Qey sr.

Tilahun Gizaw: Student activist whose sudden death galvanized the student movement under Emperor Haile Selassie.

Lij Yilma Deressa: Minister of Finance, Commerce & Industry and Foreign Affairs in Emperor Haile Selassie's cabinet; economist; historian; and, celebrated wit. Author of Ye Ityopia Tarik be AsrasidesteNaw Kifle Zemen.

Qdus Yemrehanne-Krestos (12th century): Just, generous and wise King of the Zagwe dynasty, recognized as a saint by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

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